David Heyliger Jr. – Volleyball Whiz and CUNYAC All-Star

By Kiara Gonzalez

David Heyliger Jr. is a member of York College’s Men’s Volleyball team. He has been an outside hitter and middle blocker during his volleyball career. Heyliger Jr.’s achievements include Rookie of the week twice in 2020, player of the week in February and First team all-star by CUNYAC. 

“I’ve been playing volleyball almost my whole life, since the 5th grade, and I’m willing to take this career as far as my body and mind will allow me to,” said Heyliger Jr, a Movement Science major. 

Heyliger Jr. has demonstrated what it’s like to be an all-around player, on and off the court. Born in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, he hopes to become a physical trainer and give back to his island through sports education. 

Andre M. Titus Jr., the head coach of the Men’s volleyball team, recruited Heyliger Jr. back in 2017. However, he didn’t get to play for the Cardinals until 2019. The team’s current standing for the Cardinals is 0-4. So far, no conference games have been played. 

“David is always communicating and supporting his teammates on the court during practice and games, building courage and skills with his teammates,” says Titus Jr. 

Titus Jr emphasized that Heyliger Jr. demonstrates all the qualities of a model student-athlete on and off the court, from having great sportsmanship and uplifting his teammates to being the best players they can be. When Heyliger Jr. received player of the week from CUNYAC, Titus Jr. said he felt proud because they are both ambassadors for the Virgin Islands for volleyball. 

CUNYAC Player of the Week. Photo credit: yorkathletics.com

Besides volleyball, Heyliger Jr. also likes to play basketball, football and baseball. David Heyliger Jr. is an athlete at heart and being fit and active is part of his daily life. He can play any sport he pleases, but Titus Jr. recruited him solely for volleyball.

“In volleyball, I love playing all of the hitting positions because, for me, that’s the most exciting and skillful part of the game,” says Heyliger Jr. 

Before college, Heyliger Jr. had four championships under his belt from middle school and high school. He hopes to bring York College a championship as well. The training he’s received from his coaches throughout the years has shaped him to be the athlete he is today, from his resilience, persistence, desire to be better and improve his craft. One of his mottoes that he lives by is, “No books, no ball” because sports cannot be played if the work in school isn’t done. Although the term student-athlete is taught to be a student first and athlete second, it is more rewarding when the schoolwork is completed to the best of your ability and then play on the court.

Heyliger Jr. in action. Photo credit: yorkathletics.com
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