Pathrise, an Online Mentoring Program to Help Graduates Land Their Dream Job

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By Rachel Dalloo

Many students have have high hopes of landing great internships throughout their college years as well as great jobs after. However, looking into opportunities can be hassling, the job search can be mind-numbing, and the process could prove quite challenging. Pathrise is a career pedal that gives the push to college students in the technical field to help them get their ultimate dream job in the industry of their choosing. 

Pathrise is an online mentoring website that offers a variety of career mechanisms and services for students who are looking to go into Software Engineering, Product Design, Product, Strategy, and Ops, Data Science, and Marketing. Pathrise is also dedicated to helping students find internships if they are not ready to seek for a full-time position. 

“The job search is complicated and difficult, and we want to help,” said Wu “We take a uniquely strategic and personalized approach since every student meets at least weekly with career and industry mentors who have several years to a decade-plus of experience already at top tech companies.” 

Pathrise was launched by Kevin Wu, 23 and Derrick Mar, 24, graduates of the University of California, Berkeley. Since its launch in January of 2018, Wu currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Mar serves as the Chief Technology Officer. 

The dynamic duo have also helped raised an average of $1.2 million from funders, such as GoAhead Ventures, Western Technology Investment, Long Venture Partners, Quero Education, Kutlu Kazanci and LetsVenture. 

 “Pathrise proves to be a captivating program that caught my attention from the first few seconds of browsing,” said Ryan Deolall, 20, a Marketing major at York. “A one-to-one service where students can interact with a personal advisor seems like a very constructive way to introduce students to the real world.”

“Not only do students have the guidance of an authority figure to help forecast their future, but they also receive genuine human interaction which is becoming rarer as technology becomes more common,” Deolall said.

When students sign up with Pathrise, they have the opportunity to meet with an online mentor   every week, for a one-on-one session. The mentors will help students to fully grasp the concept of what is needed for them to succeed in getting the right job that suits them, based on their designated career path. The personalized mentor meeting will continue with the student every week until the student gets hired by a top technology company. 

“Students are graduating and sometimes not getting the job they would like- so for that I see myself using Pathrise because I wholeheartedly support their motto,” Deolall said.

There are three required steps involved in registering for a mentorship at Pathrise. Step one is an introduction survey, where individuals will provide Pathrise with information regarding their goals and real-life experiences within their field. For the second step, students will need to provide their technical skills, so the network can begin to set up a personalized program that will cater to the students’ struggles. The final step is called the “Enrollment Call’, students will receive a call that simply explains the enrollment details, and students have the chance to ask questions regarding the program. 

“Upon watching the videos (provided by Pathrise), I learned that students generally mess up in interviews, which ultimately cost them the job they are after,” Deolall recounts of his experience. “The program alleviates this problem by preparing students with technical skills that they can use in interviews which could also be used in everyday life to expand their social circle.” 

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