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Anchor: Hello welcome to Diversity News, my name is Justin Capera and today we’re going to talk about fantasy sports, the closing of Rikers island and the measles.

The New York City council came to a unanimous decision to officially close down the infamous Rikers Island Jail and replace it with smaller jails located throughout Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan and these jails will house over 3,000 inmates. Rikers is a 400 acre island in the East River across from Laguardia Airport and serves as the main jail complex for New York City, here’s Aisha Martin with her report.

Martin: National attention is shifting toward criminal justice reform and the negative effects of mass incarceration, local politicians and city officials are proposing a series of reforms, such as eliminating the city’s cash bail system and shutting down Rikers Island. Expert and York College Professor Esther Verhalle says that mass incarceration and overpopulated prisons are troublesome and that it has been going on for too long.

Verhalle: ​‘Well it’s very troublesome first and foremost and it has been going on for too long. It’s time to decarcerate I personally believe and to decriminalize a lot of things that are now considered crimes because the mass incarceration has disproportionately punished especially people in poor communities and communities of color. I am definitely in favor of any policies that will help and support getting less people locked up.’

Marin: ​Rikers Island was first opened in the 1930’s and was named after Richard Rikers, a man involved in the fugitive slave trade in the early 1800’s. Supporters of the jail argued that Rikers Island would serve as a model for a more humane incarceration system. Boy were they wrong. York College Freshmen and 19 year old Raka Mangroo believes that we need smaller prisons around New York City but would feel awkward and uncomfortable living down the block from one.

Verhalle: ​‘I mean like they should probably have more smaller ones around the city, not just like one place… in one location. I mean it’s kinda like in-between so um.. I would say yes because then it would probably keep safe… the city.

Martin: ​Mayor Bill De Blasio’s proposal has been met with a lot of controversy and criticism from all sides. Some argue that the closing of Rikers isn’t practical and others say that the city should close all jails permanently if they truly want to change the justice system. York College sophomore and Brooklyn resident Shalanie McIntosh believes that Mayor Bill De Blasio’s idea to shut down the overpopulated Rikers Island will lead to less chaos.

McIntosh: ‘I don’t know because I never really took the time to think about it but I would say it’s better for more jails to be created so that it would be less populated because I guess more population would lead to more chaos with everybody inside the prisons. Yeah I believe that we need it because I feel like it helps in a sense the people that created crimes to learn from their mistakes and become a better person.

Martin:​ The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice website says that De Blasio’s plan on closing Rikers Island centers around reducing the jail population, restoring and designing new facilities to create a better, safe, borough-based jail system and provide staff and incarcerated individuals with paths to success.

Anchor: Now onto Health issues, we have an outbreak. Person with measles traveled to Disney land and possibly spread the airborne virus, potentially exposing hundreds of other people to the highly contagious disease. Are people aware enough of the risks? As we hear Kiara Gonzalez report the reactions of our community.

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Anchor: Up next we have sports, In this world today there are 59.3 million people that play fantasy sports in the United States and Canada, with each person spending an average of $556 per year on league dues and online entry fees. Fantasy football has been spectacular for the NFL, driving up interest and revenue. Here is Beanon Raymonsaint with the final story.

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Anchor: Jason Lerebours from YC news reports that 71% of 18-22 year olds use Facebook, 52% use Instagram and 41% use Snapchat.

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Anchor Closing: Thank you for listening to Diversity News with Jason Lerebours, Aisha Martin, Kiara Gonzalez and Beanon Raymonsaint. My name is Justin Capera and I’m signing off, goodbye.

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