York’s Vice President of Student Development To Retire In December

VP Vincent Banrey. Photo Credit: York College’s website

The Vice President of Student Development is retiring after more than four decades working in the City University of New York. Vincent Banrey, who is set to retire effective on Dec. 12, cited personal matters as his reason for retirement. 

Although working in the CUNY community for 42 years, Banrey has only been serving in the Student Development department at York College for five years. 

“These years have been very rewarding,” Banrey said about his time at York. “After being hired by former President Keizs and Geneva Walker-Johnson, I felt like a part of the family immediately after starting.”

Banrey started his career at LaGuardia Community College, where he worked in various positions from 1977 to 2000. He then worked at Medgar Evers College for 14 years as the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services, Director for Enrollment Management Services, Acting Vice President for Student Affairs, and Director of Academic Advising and Student Success.

“I am happy that I have been able to contribute, to the university, and each of the institutions that I have worked for,” Banrey said. “Most importantly, I’ll always cherish my fond memories of the work done and assisting students. It’s a very good feeling to see a student when they first come in, then after they graduated years ahead, and knowing that you were a part of a group of people to make that happen.”

In 2014, Banrey was hired to serve as the Associate Dean for Student Development and then as Interim Dean for Student Affairs/Chief Student Affairs Officer at York. He secured his position as Vice President for Student Development in 2016.

Banrey said one of his favorite experiences at York was the purchase of new comfortable seating options spread throughout the entire campus for the use of students.

“Working with the SGA, the college Association, faculties, management and design, and the business office, we were able to purchase lounge furniture,” Banrey said. “For me, that was one of the highlights of my achievements.”

Since his 2014 appointment, Banrey said he has seen York evolve as a community tremendously. He went on to note that the college has resumed focus on the mission statement that involves development of student outcomes as a result from the Middle States reports and the accreditation process.

“I hope that York continues to keep students at the center of all things,” he said. “Students are the reason why we are here. It’s about working in tandem so that we can give students the best experience as much as possible, so that they can be successful.”

“During his time at York, Banrey has increased the number of student engagement activities and opportunities for involvement at the college to enhance efforts to improve student persistence and retention working with his directors/unit heads,” according to a statement released by the college.

It has yet to be decided who would be the interim President after Banrey leaves before a wide search process is conducted in the Spring. But he does have some advice for his successor.

“I do not know who will take over my position, however, my advice to them would be, to keep students at the center of all activities, and programs that occur,” Banrey said. “To work with academic affairs, and the other divisions at the college to ensure that the goal of students’ success is at the center of the work that we do.”

In a statement to the entire college campus, Interim President Berenecea J. Eanes extended her congratulations to Banrey on his retirement.

“I had the pleasure of meeting him earlier in our careers when we were both Vice Presidents in CUNY,” Eanes said in the statement. “I am privileged to be able to be part of a York sendoff for such an esteemed educator. I know I speak for all of us when I wish him all the best in his future adventures.”

A reception in his honor is set to be held on Dec. 12

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