York Student Allegedly Harassed At Work, Told to “Send Some Nude Pics”


A York College student was allegedly sexually harassed while working at a Queens branch of Radio Shack and received graphic text messages asking her, “Do you know what I’ll do if your clothes come off?” according to a federal lawsuit filed in April.
Biology major Ashley Monero, 20, began working at the Springfield Garden electronic store in March of 2013 and within two months started receiving sexual advances from her boss, Simon Douglas, according to the lawsuit.
Douglas allegedly began making inappropriate comments regarding her figure and offering her rides home. Douglas also sent her a series of text messages which read, “You want to send some nude pics so I could get hyped?” amongst many others, according to court papers.

Monero also alleged that Douglas pulled on her bra straps, patted her butt and “slobbered all over her lips” in attempts to kiss her while she was trying to work. Douglas allegedly threatened to fire Monero, either over small mistakes or for her denying his sexual advances.

“She had to endure sexual harassment or lose her job,” Monero’s lawyer, Derek Smith told the Daily News.

After months of abuse Monero left the Springfield Garden location and transferred to the Woodhaven branch of the electronic store. She immediately headed to the human resources department and turned over dozens of Douglas’ sexual text messages. Radio Shack fired Douglas within three days of receiving Monero’s complaint, according to news reports.

After he was fired, Douglas continued to send texts harassing her for getting him fired. He claimed she took “food out of his kid’s mouth,” Monero claims.

“Imagine being a 20 year old college student and your first experience in the work force leads to sexual harassment,” Smith wrote on his website. “This shouldn’t happen in your first job — or during any point in your professional career.”
Monero’s lawsuit seeks over $150,000 in monetary damages from Radio Shack and Douglas. Neither Radio Shack nor Douglas has commented publicly on the lawsuit.

Monero could not be reached for comment, but the Queens Chronicle reported that Monero is no longer working for Radio Shack after her experience and is in counseling as a result of the incident.

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