CUNY Joins Hands with Virtual Internship Program,

By Niko Balkaran

CUNY has announced its partnership with the virtual internship program, This is a move meant to expand CUNY’s Upskilling offerings. 

But what exactly are and Upskilling? 

They are both virtual training courses designed to help CUNY students, alumni and New Yorkers learn essential professional skills to add to their resumes. CUNY partnered with companies such as IBM, Google and Coursera to offer programs under five different tracks such as business, healthcare administration and IT and software development. 

Under the business track, you can register for courses such as learning entrepreneurship from Cisco or how to build an online business from Google. You can learn how to use Salesforce or Health Cloud basics from Trailhead in the healthcare administration track. Meanwhile, you can learn about game development, managing a remote team and marketing in a digital world using Coursera.

With the partnership, you’re now meant to take discovery assessments that will help you figure out your strengths and advise you on which track to dedicate your time to. This allows you to eliminate guessing what your best skills are while helping to match your skills with prospective employers. will also give you coaching and feedback from industry mentors, according to CUNY.

The CUNY Upskilling initiative was created as a way to help New Yorkers after the pandemic to find jobs.  

The programs are free of cost to everyone who completes the registration.

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