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The Time Has Come For Fall Fashion Ideas

It is the time of the year for pumpkins and sweaters Photo Credit: trs125 via Flickr

By Jessica Defreitas

 The end of summer is undoubtedly a sad moment for many  summer lovers. We can no longer go to the beach, enjoy a cute crop top or allow our toes to bask in the sun while we wear flip flops. 

However, instead of being sad, we can relish in the thought that Autumn is probably one of the most fashionable times of the year. Autumn is the season of trendy booties, thin scarves, burnt orange nails and all styles of spicy stockings.

     You can still wear shorts (Don’t put them in the back of the closet, just yet.)

     Autumn allows us to keep some of our summer clothes out without putting them all away just yet and not bringing all our winter clothes in either. During the early stage of the autumn season, you can still show some skin because there will still be 75 degree days that you will want to take advantage of.

   A handy tip for these days will be to keep your shorts out. You can easily pair cute denim shorts with high boots and top it off with your choice of sweater for regular days. And for the hotter days, a slinky camisole and a cardigan. On these hotter days you can also anticipate the sun to blaze and for that we recommend a dainty pair of cat eye sunglasses to coincide with the season.  At night, you can pair your shorts with a pair of heeled boots or booties for extra sass and green smokey eyes.    

   Sandal heels are leaving, Bootie heels are back

If you have not done so already, soon you will have to put away your sandal heels but don’t worry, you will soon be enjoying a good old pair of bootie heels. On a night out, you can still enjoy your little black dresses but now, you can pair it with stockings, a thin blazer if needed and a high heeled bootie. To add to this seasonal look, smokey eyes are definitely back in style and bright lip colors are certainly out. Pairing your all black outfit with a simple smokey eye, preferably dark green or dark orange (because it’s autumn, duh) with a matte or glossy nude lip will add a pop of colour to your vampy and sophisticated fall look. 

    Mini skirts in, midi and maxi skirts out. 

 One of the most attractive autumn outfits is patterned high-waisted mini skirts and bandeau tops paired with leather blazers and knee high or over the knee boots (heeled or flat). This outfit can be fancy with just a gloss and hoop earrings. It is fashion-forward, quick and easy to put together when you want a look that stands out but requires little effort.

     When it gets colder, snuggle in a sweater

This season is the season of cozy nights at home with fluffy socks, knee-high socks, warm robes and for some panache in the home, pumpkin spice candles. While you savor in everything yummy and pumpkin flavored, you can also enjoy oversized tee shirts or fluffy sweaters with knee-high socks while you re-watch The Office again on Netflix. For those who require pants to sit and watch TV, you can pair a long sleeved t-shirt or sweater with trendy super soft joggers, not forgetting your animated fluffy socks that probably have evil Halloween pumpkins or floating ghosts on them. Trendy sweaters to purchase this season are open-back or designed back ones. Because it is not quite cold and we are not ready to bundle up just yet, many stores and designers have sweaters that have open-back designs that are very flattering and bless us with the opportunity to show some skin skin without freezing to death. 

   When in doubt, jewelry

     You can also keep in mind that jewelry, notably earrings, are a great way to pep up your fall looks. Wear them now because before you know it, you are pulling out those knitted hats and earmuffs.

  You should know this autumnatically- Be kind

The greatest fashion tip for the season is for us to remember that seasonal depression may start to kick in so let us be kind to one another and most importantly wear what we feel the most confident in.

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