Top Five Fall Fashion Trends of 2018

By Ashleigh Brown 

After a seemingly endless summer, we’re gearing up for the cooler weather. Fall 2018 promises new and fresh fashion ideas from retro 90s trends that came back to modern new colorways to gear you up for an even better academic semester.


During the fall, my go-to print is always plaid. It’s the perfect print for fall. Plaid is always extremely versatile and can be styled for both casual events or dressed up for something fancier. The 90s inspired styles have made a major comeback over the past few years. If you want to include plaid into your 90s-influenced outfits, then I suggest you go for a ‘Cher from Clueless’ inspired two-piece suit or dress. The plaid mini skirt definitely gives you a ‘Rachel from Friends’ vibe. Pair it with an oversized cropped sweater and some boots and you’re good to go.


In the fashion industry, “monochromatic dressing” has been a widely used trend, especially with the color black. Recently, a lot of designers and fashion influencers have broadened the trend to include olive, burgundy, blues, pinks, and whites. And as the fall 2018 nears, we’re seeing another approach to this color coordination and a different hue. Brown, khaki and beige has now become the shade to build your entire outfit around. Brown has also been a new color to incorporate in makeup. A statement brown lip can complement any outfit.

‘Teddy’ Material Coats

There is now a way to incorporate style and the declining temperatures. The ‘teddy’ coat that recently became popular mixes warmth without compromising on style. Sometimes you don’t want to always wear a typical winter puffer jacket and the teddy coat is a great option that can be versatile with any style. Don’t be afraid to mix things up when it comes to texture, the teddy coat goes surprisingly well with all types of patterns and fabrics like stripes and velvet.

Menswear Blazers

Ask any woman if they have a go-to outfit for a job interview and it is most likely a blazer. There’s no denying that certain articles of clothing can make you feel instantly more confident and powerful. The menswear blazer is one of this season’s biggest trends. An oversized blazer dress or with a belt snitched in at the waist with jeans and boots is perfect for the fall weather.

Statement Hosiery

Some might be willing to brave the cold this year and decide to go bare-legged with an outfit, but I would rather reach for a pair of statement tights in the chilly temperatures. There are so many different pantyhose designs like polka dots, over the knee tights to name a few. My favorite for this season are stripe tights because they’re simple while adding some design to spice up your outfit. Tights are a great versatile piece to add some visual appeal to your autumn looks and to help transition your wardrobe into a new season.

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