What I Like About NYC and Seoul Street Style Fashion

Two males posing at New York Fashion Week. Photo Credit: Peter T via Flickr

By Aleah Cole

   New York City and Korean street style Fashion are my favorite types of styles that brings out sexiness, personality and that fake-it-till-you-make-it appeal. Since I am always writing about fashion, I believe that “dressing to impress” people, especially for your dream job is a must! That way, most people around me will envision me as part of the team. 

Now, that does not mean that I have to change my style which are Parisian, New York City Hipster or Streetyle. I want to feel like myself and feel comfortable with what I am wearing.

        About a year ago, I grew OBSESSED with New York City’s Streetyle. I used to envy men and women who would “pop off” in their outfits and not feel satisfied with mine. Their outfits consists of oversized apparels like hoodies, cargo pants and long shirts in both neutral and bright colors. 

     As somebody who enjoys people-watching as a small hobby, I grew inspiration from what they would wear in the Spring and Summer. I started to innovate my own style by checking Instagram and Pinterest everyday to take note of I could wear simolary like them but in my own way.

 I realized that most of what New Yorker’s wear in the City is what makes them who they are. Simply, I would ask myself, “why is he/she/they” wearing such a thing in Soho or Madison Avenue? Are they looking for rude comments from passersby?” My older brother once told me that they don’t care what other people think. They wear what makes them feel comfortable. 

  The City’s street style fashion is a “Don’t Care” mood and I appreciate it. On the other hand, Korean Streetstyle fashion kind of has a different approach. Recently,Korea showcased Fashion Week Seoul and I truly admire their body proportions in their ensemble. 

 From their Fall 2019 fashion week, most teenagers and young adults wore black, green, white and striped outfits. I must admit that their colorful hair colors and haircuts really puts that final “pow!” in their attire. In addition, some of their outfits they presented ranges from casual, minimal, bright to almost overdoing it but I admire it. 

   My opinion about New York City and Street Style fashion is not like I am one-upping the other. Everybody has a different taste in style and I am studying and taking notes on how I can be creative in what I wear too.

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