York Student Compares Trump’s Impeachment to Nixon’s Watergate

In light of President Trump’s impeachment proceeding’s, he continues to be compared to President Nixon. Photo Courtesy: Tong Khiem Ngyuen via Flickr

By Autumn Matthews

Since the beginning of the 2016 election, then candidate Donald Trump has been known for causing many controversies across the aisle. One of the biggest scandals to fall under Trump’s belt is the involvement of Russia with the 2016 Presidential Election. Even up to this day, despite evidence, Trump still deems the Special Counsel’s investigation into Russia’s involvement to be a “hoax” and a “Witch Hunt”. 

Now, Trump is under even more critical observation, due to an alleged joint July 25 phone call with the Ukranian President, Volodymyr Zelensky. During the phone call, Trump evoked his personal attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, where he was urging the President of Ukraine, to “look into” Former Vice President, Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden, on their dealings with the an Ukrainian company. As President, Trump has violated and abused his power in office, which can result in him getting impeached. 

On Sept. 25, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had announced to the public that the House of Representatives will launch an official Impeachment Inquiry. She stated that, Trump had “betrayed his oath to the office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections.” Trump was seeking to engage with a foreign government to eliminate a rival for his own political plan of action. In my opinion, Trump has finally given Congress enough evidence to push towards an impeachment proceeding.

 Delaying the votes for impeachment is a smart move on Pelosi’s end, as of now, these offenses that are against Trump will count towards reasons as to why Trump should be removed from office. Throughout my years as observing U.S. History as a citizen, Donald Trump holds a high, or even closely tied relationship with Former President, Richard Nixon. Trump’s scandal with Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential Election is seen as far worse than Nixon’s 1974 scandal, Watergate, which was considered America’s major political scandal, throughout history, until this very moment. 

With the Russia Investigation being closely related to Nixon’s Watergate, it all makes Trump look like another Nixon, in the eyes of many citizens. I feel that this impeachment inquiry into Trump’s Presidency is going to  yield into a successful impeachment vote because the House has far more than enough evidence from these scandals to prove their points to the American People. And also prove how these atrocities goes against the U.S. Constitution. If it was in the hands of the people of the United States, and not the lawmakers, I believe that Trump would have been impeached a long time ago, but now, all we must do is leave our faith in the hands of Congress.

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