The Climate Change Walk is a Very Important Step in Activism

Climate Change March. via Flickr. Photo Credit: Joe Brusky

By Autumn Matthews

During the month of September, a number of Youths walked out of school, in order to protest against Climate Change. These protests were part of a series of international strikes, challenging the issue that surrounds the topic of climate change. The strike took place from Sept. 20- Sept. 27. The activists ranged from teachers, students to Politicians. The strikes were influenced by 16-year-old, climate change activist, Greta Thunberg.

I believe this strike was a great opportunity for the young generation, because they are fighting for their future. They were able to utilize their voices to fight for what they believe in. Let’s be honest, our Earth is suffering from all of mankind’s work, and it is up to us to fix this ongoing issue by taking care of our environment, and by letting others around us know the consequences that we will have to deal with if we don’t. We can do this by recycling and keeping our environment/communities clean as well as cleaning the beach daily and not just once in a blue moon. 

Protesting against this detrimental issue can go both ways on the aisle. Protesting for climate change can result in a good way, because the public needs to be informed about the world that we live on. Also, it can result differently than we would expect, because most of the people in New York, along with many other cities, could honestly care less about what goes on within the topic of Climate Change. 

After these sequences of strikes, I still do not see any change towards people’s habits. Many still are throwing trash on the pavements and not taking responsibility of caring for the planet the way they should be. For one, President Donald Trump is a strong believer that climate change does not exist. Ever since taking office, he has managed to roll back on every environmental act that has been in place by the former administration, that was in office. He has not contributed towards the improvement of the climate crisis, instead he is more concerned about the wall and attacking people who he comes in contact with. We need a President who actually cares to hear the many voices around the world, and who wants to help to do something to improve our environment.

 I believe that we should keep on fighting for climate change and to never give up. Always strive for the better in our lives, it is time to make a change even if it means walking out of school for climate change.

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