York Student Reviews Latest Impeachment Inquiries on President Trump

President Trump speaking at a rally. Photo Credit: Roy_17 via Flickr

By Pamela Garcia

President Donald Trump may soon be facing impeachment from the office, due to the fact that a Whistleblower inside Trump’s Cabinet has alleged complained about the President urging a foreign government to investigate into a 2020 Presidential candiate’s activities in Ukraine. The “Whistleblower” had privately stepped forward about knowing information regarding President Trump’s phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine. President Trump had frequently pressed Zelensky to provide material on Former Vice President, Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden, on their dealings with an Ukrainian company. The complaint, has now set in motion the House Democrats’ impeachment affairs. 

Now it is quite normal for President Trump to be accused of wrongdoing, the chances of him suffering the consequences are slim to none. Here is some background information on the incident regarding the President, So why is it important for us to be paying attention to what is going on within the walls of the White House? What did President Trump do specifically that is viewed to be “wrong” in the eyes of the public?  

Many of you may be asking yourselves, “So what? Why does this all matter?” 

Dr. Robin Harper, Professor of Political Science had made very clear that are numerous reasons as to why what President Trump has committed is to be considered a “wrongdoing”. 

“There is a power of expansion that seems to be taking place with the President,” Harper noted. 

Harper also goes on to note that the President has the right to exercise their given power in office, but not to abuse it. Many do believe that Trump has stepped out of line by carrying out this phone call. 

Now, what President Trump did, is that considered to be an impeachable offense? Is this Illegal? Well, according to House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, she believes that this is an impeachable offense. 

“The actions taken to date by the president have seriously violated the Constitution,” Pelosi had said in a statement when she announced the impeachment inquiry launch.“The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law.”

Pelosi went on to further state that the President’s disorderly conduct has shed light on his disloyalty to the office, disloyalty to the National Security and to the betrayal of the integrity to our election system. 

Trump’s phone call with Ukraine is deemed to be a “Quid Pro Quo”. This term is best defined as a favor that is done in exchange for something that is valuable towards the other party. For example, President Trump was seeking information on the Biden’s in exchange for military funds to be sent over to Ukraine. Due to this, there is a certainty that President Trump can be impeached for over-abusing his presidential power. Can Congress really impeach Trump over this matter? The job of Congress is to make sure the President of the United States does not step over the line, especially when it comes to dealing with a foreign government, regardless of party.

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